Social Media Is The 'New' Big Thing!

Imagine someone asking you to invest in Microsoft in 1986 or someone asking you to invest your advertising budget in google AdWords in 2001. Do you regret not making those investments or think that if you had a chance you definitely would? There is a similar opportunity right now and it's called Social Media. So, here we not trying to sell you on why you should use social media to its best potential to increase your brand's influence because we all know what potential social media has, as we use it ourselves every day and see everyone around us using it and it's no more limited to connecting with your friends or making new ones, people are buying goods worth billions, every day through social media. So, here you need to convenience yourself on why you should be investing your marketing budget on social media and not anywhere else.
Your brand influence on social media adds to the asset column of your balance sheet and now just being on social media is not enough, you need to make full use of its potential to reach billions of people who are using it every day. It is a golden period to be on social media as most social media networks have not yet started monetizing their platforms and have kept many options of organic reach open to its users and even the reach through paid AD campaigns cost way too less compared to the value they bring to your brand. It's like TV Ad's coming with a discount of 99% and giving every brand an opportunity to use it's medium to increase their influence over their target audience.
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